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Therapy is not so hard!

Millions of people struggle with mental health issues and many are too reluctant to see a therapist. The definition of psychotherapy or talk therapy is a variety of treatments that aim to help a person identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Most psychotherapy takes place one-on-one with a licensed mental health professional or with other patients in a group setting. :”Aim to help a person identify and change,” that is the overall goal of a therapist. Most of you may already have the skills to change but need the self confidence to do it. Some are nervous to share personal things with a stranger and then there are those that prefer to keep their problems to themselves or within the family.  There are people who were once forced to do therapy and did not have the best experience based on not having a choice. Whatever the reason is for not seeking out therapy, many people may not know what to expect when going to therapy.  This blog is to help guide you in finding a therapist as well as informing you on what you can expect with the therapy process.

Finding a therapist can feel overwhelming but there are tools to help you locate a good fit.

Psychology Today – this website is specific to mental health needs and by simply typing in your city or zip code you will be able to view therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists in that area.  You can see a brief personal description of that provider as well as specialties, insurances, and what their qualifications are for therapy.

Insurance Carrier – if you have insurance, contacting them and asking them for a list of covered or ‘participating’  mental health providers in your area.

Ask your Medical Provider – some medical providers are familiar with mental health providers in the area due to making referrals for their patients.  Some clinics or hospitals may have a social worker on staff that could also give you some names of local therapists.

Google Search – simply type in therapists near me, or in the town/city you live in.  With Google search you will also see reviews for some individuals or practices.

Ask a Friend – word of mouth is very helpful. You may know a friend who goes to therapy and ask them their recommendations for providers.

Social Media – you can find local providers through a social media outlet such as Facebook. There you can view more about the provider or practice as well as comments.

What to expect: Expect to be nervous and understand that is normal.  It is not easy to go see a stranger and open up about yourself.  Remember that they are there with an open mind and the goal of wanting to help and support you. You can expect to do paperwork such as HIPAA/Confidentiality; Financially policy; if a minor, a minor consent form; demographics; and some may have you fill out a form about reasons for therapy and types of symptoms you have been experiencing.

Most therapy providers have an office based in comfort. They may have a couch or chairs or both. The goal of the space is to help the individual feel comfortable and welcomed.  You can expect that the first session is to learn about you and what brings you into therapy. The therapist may also share about themselves and how they practice and more about their background.  If they don’t share Ask Questions!  Ask about their experience and if they are familiar with what you are seeking help with.  A therapist should not take any offense to you asking them questions.  You can expect about 50 to 60 minutes for your session and by the end of the session, you and your therapist will have an idea on the frequency of your sessions going forward.

It is very important that you and the therapist are a good fit! If you are struggling with the therapist and feel it is hard to keep working together, it is ok to let them know and explore other options. Again, a therapist should not take offense to your feelings. We want the best for you and if it is a different therapist that is ok.  You will most likely be more motivated to do the work if you are ‘clicking’ with the therapist.

Don’t forget that here at Conklin Clinics we have Dr. Ginger Conklin DNP,  TJ Steckler LCSW, and Reagan Flamboe LPC-MH to help you with all your therapy needs.

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