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Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry

Your provider can use the DEXA Scan as an adjunct to your comprehensive health exam. This can include a Body Composition Analysis, a 3D body scan, or a Bone densitometry test. Al-powered DEXA scans show percentages of lean mass, fat mass, and skeletal health, which helps with diagnosing and treatment of health conditions—as well as osteoporosis, brittleness of bones and risk of fractures.

DEXA detects changes in bone loss, determines a person’s risk of fractures, and calculates the amount of visceral fat, fat mass, and lean mass.

Utilizing a Dexa Scan for osteoporosis aids in the treatment and continuum of care to keep bone loss from worsening. In return, this helps reduce the risk of fractures.

What to Expect During a Dexa Scan

During a scan, you will not feel anything. Your provider will ask you to wear loose clothing without metal and will position you with the assistance of positioning devices.

Before your scan: Stop all calcium supplements 24 hours prior to your test, wear loose-fitting clothes, and tell your provider if there is a chance you are pregnant.

What to Expect During a Dexa Scan


After determining that a Dexa Scan is right for you, your provider will put a specific plan in place to determine what bone(s)—including your hip, spine and/or wrist, or full body—will be imaged and measured. Your provider may ask you to fill out a questionnaire to better aid in diagnostics. 

You will start by laying on the DEXA table, and the technologist will help you into the correct position utilizing positioning devices. 


Treatment Process

The DEXA arm will pass over the selected body region—using two x-ray beams—to determine the bone from other tissues. To do this, a low-dose energy beam passes through the body. It is essential to remain still during this time. The scan itself takes 5 to 10 mins, but patients should allow up to 45 minutes for the appointment. 

*Radiation exposure is minimal and involves no injections, invasive procedures, or pain.

Treatment Process


Once the scan is complete, the scan translates the bone density, lean mass, and fat mass measurements into pictures and graphs. You and your provider will view the bone in white—while the fat and muscle tissue look like shadows on a bone density scan. 

Before you leave, you will receive a printout of your results. You may potentially set up an appointment with a provider as well, in order to develop your personalized plan and determine what treatments may be appropriate for you.

What to Expect During a Dexa Scan
Treatment Process

Bone Density Results & Body Composition Analysis

The T-Score:

T-scores show how much your bone density is higher or lower than that of a healthy 30 year old adult. A T-score of -1.0 or higher is considered normal bone density. 

Osteopenia: T-score between -1.0 and -2.5 indicating that you have a low bone density. If you fall in this category, it is important to develop a plan to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. 

Osteoporosis: T-score of -2.5 or below is diagnostic for osteoporosis. Treatment is highly recommended. 

The Z-Score: 

The Z-score is similar to the T-score but compares your bone density to that of the average bone density of people your same age and gender. Z-scores are used for secondary osteoporosis and thus always used for calculations on children, young adults, premenopausal women, and men under 50 years old.

Visceral Adipose Tissue

Dexa Scan can provide results on Visceral Adipose Tissue to predict longevity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease. 

Muscle symmetry will identify how your lean, fat, and bone mass compares in each of the scanned regions of your body. 

Sarcopenia risks and “skinny fat” can also be identified, which are important predictors of cognitive performance.

GPS for Your Health

DexaFit AI is a digital health platform that combines your DexaFit results with your lifestyle and activity data to help you live happier, healthier, stronger, and longer.

Your DexaFit body composition results are uploaded automatically to your DexaFit AI app. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, DexaFit AI calculates your expected longevity and a personalized path to where you should be with your health journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Post-menopausal women or those 65+ years old
  • Men 70+ years
  • History of hip Fx or smoking
  • low vitamin D status
  • Men diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney or liver disease
  • Medication use involving corticosteroids, anti-seizure medications, cancer medications, transplant drugs, or high-dose thyroid replacement drugs
  • Diagnosis of: Type I diabetics, lupus, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid condition, rheumatoid arthritis, or family history of osteoporosis. 
  • History of fractures after mild traumas
  • Low body weight or loss in height

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