Platelet Rich Plasma in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Stimulate Your Body's Natural Healing

Treatment Information

Time for Treatment

15-30 minutes

Treatment Type


Treated Conditions

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Improvement in Skin Tone and Texture, Facial Rejuvenation, Décolletage Dull Dry Skin, Crepey Skin

Recovery Time

Almost no downtime. There may be light soreness in the treated area for 2-3 days following the treatment.

Platelet-Rich Plasma in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) uses platelets found in your blood for a variety of different health and aesthetic treatments. PRP plays an important role in the healing process because it releases signals to attract stem cells and other “clean-up” cells to the given area of the body, stimulating collagen production. Since PRP stimulates collagen production and strengthens tissue, skin revitalization and aesthetic-driven outcomes can be achieved.

The Consultation

Your Conklin Clinics provider will review your aesthetic goals, needs, and medical history to make sure PRP treatments are right for you.

The Consultation


Your provider will provide a topical numbing cream to the treatment location to make the process easy and comfortable. Once the target area is numbed, and you are prepped for blood collection, the process will begin.


Collection Process

Your provider will use a very small needle to draw blood. This process is virtually identical to traditional blood drawing. This sample will be run in a centrifuge, spinning the sample at incredibly high speeds to separate the blood and isolate your blood plasma. The platelet-rich plasma will be collected and prepped for injection.

Collection Process

Injection Process

Your provider will then inject the platelet-rich plasma into your targeted problem area. This process is comfortable and quick. The entire treatment can take less than 15 minutes depending on your treatment area.

Injection Process


Once the injection is complete, you are free to go! There is no downtime. Before you leave, your provider will review post-care and what to expect.

The Consultation
Collection Process
Injection Process
Combinable Treatment


Botox® is an injectable treatment that use safe neurotoxins to temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions like smiling, squinting, or frowning.


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Patient Outcomes

Platelet-Rich Plasma can improve aged and damaged tissue over a duration of time in a natural process. You will start to see the full benefits of this process after 2-6 weeks.

Once completed, we recommend waiting 3 days before applying makeup to the site of your PRP injection. You may experience slight soreness or discomfort in your treatment area for 2-3 days following the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The PRP process in Aberdeen, South Dakota, uses tools found within your body. At the PRP injection site, collagen production and blood flow increase. This process can improve the skin’s elasticity, texture, and color. Platelet Rich Plasma can also progressively repair aged and damaged tissue naturally.

PRP treatments in Aberdeen, South Dakota, are entirely safe! PRP is FDA approved. Studies and clinical research have found that PRP treatment carries minimal risk of adverse reactions or complications. Since PRP is generated from your own blood, rejection or disease transmission is eliminated.

Everyone’s tolerance to pain and discomfort will vary, leading to slightly different treatment experiences. PRP treatments are virtually identical to traditional blood drawing, and many patients don’t find them painful at all. Conklin Clinics will provide topical numbing cream on request to make the experience as easy and comforting as possible.

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Conklin Clinics offers one of the most sophisticated and advanced service menus of medical aesthetics, psychiatric, and integrative medicine treatments available. We dedicate ourselves to enhancing every single patient’s quality of life and well-being.

Our nationally recognized staff achieves this through personalized, concierge-level care. We believe that Aberdeen, South Dakota, and surrounding communities deserve the highest quality, comprehensive health and wellness care, and that’s why we provide lifestyle solutions for each patient—we go above and beyond traditional spas or clinics.

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“Every experience I’ve had at Conklin Clincs has been wonderful. The staff has always been very friendly and welcoming. My consultation with Sara was amazing. She was knowledgeable and helpful. I’d definitely recommend this place!”

- Kari H.

Five Star Rating

“I love this place. They were amazing! They answered all my questions and helped me tremendously with some issues I was having. I highly recommend them! You will not be disappointed!”

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“I love Conklin Clinics! The staff is friendly, welcoming, helpful and very professional. I really appreciate the cleanliness of the facility itself and all of my experiences have been above and beyond pleasant. I would highly recommend Conklin Clinics to anyone in search of the services they provide.”

- Liza R.

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“I love visiting Conklin Clinic!!! Everyone is so nice and very professional. The environment is so delightful that it makes me feel like I’m at a resort! Very happy that we have a place like this in Aberdeen!!! Thank you!”

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