Clinic in Aberdeen, South Dakota

The Story of Conklin Clinics

Our Mission

Conklin Clinics has always focused on the synergy of mind, body, and spirit. We work tirelessly to bring others exceptional service and quality treatments.

We believe that optimal living is multi-factorial, and that’s why our integrative approach to functional health utilizes various modalities to optimize your health and well-being. It is our mission to help our patients become the best version of themselves, and that’s why you can count on Conklin Clinics to always offer cutting-edge treatment from our passionate and educated practitioners.

The Evolution of Conklin Clinics

Dr. Ginger H. Conklin graduated from Presentation College in Aberdeen, SD, in 2002 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Her previous experience includes working as a registered nurse within the Avera St. Luke’s organization.

In 2016, Dr. Ginger Conklin opened Total Package MedSpa. Total Package MedSpa was the first stage of her overall vision to create a place where patients can achieve optimal living, vitality, and overall well-being from the inside out. This mission required a focused, comprehensive care clinic where all the best services were concentrated under one roof, using a highly trained team of healthcare providers. The quest to bring her vision to fruition continues today.

On January 1st, 2020, Total Package MedSpa became Conklin Clinics, the next stage in Conklin Clinic’s journey as a summative care provider to the people of Aberdeen, South Dakota. With a staff of licensed medical professionals, Conklin Clinics offers the single most comprehensive suite of care available. Our patients remain our priority, and though we continue to grow and improve as a practice, we remain entirely committed to providing comprehensive, whole-self care to the people of Aberdeen and South Dakota.

A Nurturing, Professional Space

Conklin Clinics offers our patients comprehensive care, and our new facility focuses on providing Conklin Clinics visitors with a supporting, inclusive space where they can focus on bettering themselves. This space is optimized for the unique, whole-self support Conklin Clinics provides, giving patients easy, interconnected access to our three care modalities. No matter your needs, you can visit Conklin Clinics to receive the comfortable, complete-care experience you deserve.

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say

Five Star Rating

“We’re very fortunate to have such a great facility in Aberdeen. Knowledgeable and friendly staff make your experience so pleasant. I appreciate being able to take advantage of top of the line skin treatments. I will continue to do my monthly Dermaplane and Hydrafacials.”

- Amy K.

Five Star Rating

“I have had the pleasure of working for Conklin Clinics since they opened in 2016. It has been an amazing journey watching the growth of the clinic and what is has become today. The clinic is ever changing and growing for the better of our community and advancements in health care. Professional, knowledgeable, uplifting atmosphere. Blessed to be with the clinic!”

- Nicole Z.

Five Star Rating

“I love this place. They were amazing! They answered all my questions and helped me tremendously with some issues I was having. I highly recommend them! You will not be disappointed!”

- Ona H.

Part of the Aberdeen Community

Conklin Clinics believes that the Aberdeen community and the entire South Dakota region deserve nothing less than the absolute best possible care. We prioritize a whole-self care system, where we provide psychiatric, medical aesthetic, and integrative medical services designed to optimize your whole self. That way, by boosting each aspect of your health, we can help you reach the pinnacle of your well-being.


We want our community to have access to the best possible treatments necessary to improve their lives. That’s why we offer cutting-edge psychiatric, integrative medicine, and medical aesthetics treatments and procedures.

Begin Your Journey

Your well-being is our priority. If you are interested in optimizing your health and wellness, begin your wellness journey and contact Conklin Clinics or use our virtual consultation tool now.