Unwanted Fat Treatments in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Unwanted Body Fat

Unwanted Fat
Treatments in
South Dakota

Conklin Clinics provides comprehensive whole-self care wellness solutions. This includes cosmetic treatments for the long-term elimination of unwanted body fat. Conklin Clinics is committed to providing modern, proven treatments to patients, and that’s why we offer the most advanced treatments available for fat reduction and non-surgical body sculpting.

The Causes of Unwanted Body Fat

If you’re looking for support with a non-surgical reduction in unwanted fat, there is no better partner than Conklin Clinics. We recognize that various factors can play a part in the accumulation of unwanted body fat—some of which are out of a patient’s control. These factors include:

  • Your Diet
  • A Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Your Genetics
  • Unhealthy Behaviors

Conklin Clinics is passionate about providing ongoing, whole-self care for each patient. Our cosmetic procedures for eliminating unwanted body fat and non-surgical body sculpting are a small part of the care suite we offer patients looking to tackle unwanted body fat in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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Treatment Options for Unwanted Body Fat Include


The CoolSculpting procedure is the world’s #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment.


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Treatment Options for Unwanted Body Fat Include


Kybella® works by destroying fat cells at targeted areas in the body, specifically your neck and jaw.


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A Commitment to Concierge-level Care

Conklin Clinics offers one of the most sophisticated and advanced service menus of medical aesthetics, psychiatric, and integrative medicine treatments available. We dedicate ourselves to enhancing every single patient’s quality of life and well-being.

Our nationally recognized staff achieves this through personalized, concierge-level care. We believe that Aberdeen, South Dakota, and surrounding communities deserve the highest quality, comprehensive health and wellness care, and that’s why we provide lifestyle solutions for each patient—we go above and beyond traditional spas or clinics.

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Your well-being is our priority. If you are interested in advanced aesthetic treatments and cosmetic support, begin your wellness journey and contact Conklin Clinics or use our virtual consultation tool now.