Clinic in Aberdeen, South Dakota

The Conklin Clinics Team

Ginger Conklin, DNP

Owner & Doctor in Psychiatric Nurse Practice

Heather Hedges

Clinic Manager & Registered Nurse

Tosha Valsvig

Business Manager

Paige Dargatz, CNP

Medical Manager & Integrative Health Nurse Practitioner

Sara Hegg, CNP

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Taryn Martin, CNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Reagan Flamboe, LPC-MH

Licensed Professional Counselor

TJ Steckler, LCSW, QMHP

Clinical Therapist

Debbie Thurston

Registered Nurse

Kennedy Schimke

Registered Nurse

MacKenzie Zens

Registered Nurse

Kaitlyn Sumption

Registered Nurse

Melissa Schwan

Licensed Practical Nurse

Jasmine Dargatz

Licensed Practical Nurse

Adrianna Hase

Licensed Practical Nurse

Nicole Zelmer-Cease

Licensed Aesthetician

Kylee Carlson

Licensed Aesthetician

Jaelyn Opp

Licensed Aesthetician

Mackenzie Poel

Cosmetologist & Skin Care Specialist

Colin Sprinkel

Patient Care Technician

Hunter Barondeau

Administrative Assistant

Tia Roehrich

Medical Receptionist

Cristi Grunendike

Certified Coding & Billing Specialist

Jackie Keil

Billing Specialist

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