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5-10 Minutes

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Hair Removal

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Unwanted Hair

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No downtime

BAREit™ Hair Removal in Aberdeen, South Dakota

BAREit™ reinvents hair removal as the fastest laser hair removal device on the market, delivering highly personalized hair removal for all skin types, any time of the year, anywhere on the body. As fast as it is comfortable, the state-of-the-art hair removal treatment at Conklin Clinics allows our team to treat larger areas at incredible speeds.

In just minutes, the BAREit™ treatment can make an entire pass across whole regions of the body where before it would’ve taken a half-hour or longer. Conklin Clinics is the first provider for BAREit™ hair removal treatments in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

The Consultation

Before you undergo hair removal treatments in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Conklin Clinics will provide a thorough consultation to evaluate your skin type and unwanted hair and discuss your plans and aesthetic goals. Conklin Clinics will never push any treatments on you and will always provide the information necessary to ensure you are a good candidate for BAREit™.

The Consultation


On the day of your appointment in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the area(s) to be treated with laser hair removal are cleansed and examined. You will be given protective eyewear and asked to lie back comfortably.



The proper laser hair removal settings are selected, and your provider will apply the laser’s handpiece to the desired treatment area. BAREit laser hair removal treatments deliver three wavelengths for highly effective treatments of varying hair depths, allowing for powerful follicle penetration fast. This process will only take a few minutes! Many patients describe the sensation of the laser as a small rubber band snap as it isolates and destroys the pigment in the treated hair follicles.



There may be minor redness or swelling in the treatment area, though this should fade within an hour. Patients can enjoy normal social activities immediately afterward, and there is no heavy or time-intensive post-care! Your provider will review effective skincare strategies to safely maximize results following the treatment.

The Consultation

Patient Outcomes

Patients receive all the benefits of laser hair removal in a fraction of the time. This makes BAREit™ the perfect, short-term hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal can only target hair in the growing, or anagen, phase, which is why the process will require multiple sessions. With BAREit™, Conklin Clinics patients love how much time they save in each treatment session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple, Sciton built BAREit™ to be a fast, more comfortable, more adaptive laser hair removal experience. With the option to use a high-powered diode laser with three unique wavelengths, BAREit™ treatments adapt to patients’ specific hair and skin types for a safe and effective treatment any time of year. The unique “Blend Technology” simultaneously delivers 810, 940, and 1060 nanometer wavelengths to offer the ultimate personalized hair reduction experience.

Yes, BAREit™ is safe for all types! The exclusive blend technology utilized in BAREit simultaneously delivers three wavelengths for highly effective treatments of varying hair depths on a wide variety of patients. The blend setting allows for deeper penetration and low impact on epidermal melanin, empowering safe and effective treatment of dark and tanned skin year-round.

Typically a series of 3 to 6 treatments will produce a considerable amount of hair reduction in the treated area. However, the frequency of your treatment will depend on the speed at which your hair grows, in addition to the color and thickness of the hair. Your Conklin Clinics provider will work with you to develop a specialized hair removal plan during your initial consultation.

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Five Star Rating

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