Self Care 101

Do any of these sound familiar to you? :

  • “I find joy in helping others”
  • ” I don’t want to be a bother for anyone”
  • ” I just feel so guilty for taking time for myself”
  • “There is just too much to do at (work, house, kids, spouse) to set time aside for me.”
  • “When things get hard, you need to pick up your boot straps and carry on!”

Self care is very important, now more than ever.  Stress can be linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity just to name a few. Most of us in the Midwest would agree that we have been known to be hard workers. We work until our bodies no longer allow us. Is it possible for a person to have both a good work ethic and be able to practice self care? Can a person take care of others but still put themselves first? The answer to all of this is YES! It is about knowing how and when to use the different types of self care.

According to the American Psychological Association’s article on Selfcare – don’t skip the basics!

Eat healthy, get enough sleep and try to be active are great ways of self care.  We are not asking for a marathon or even a gym membership, but maybe you park a little further away from the Walmart or Target entrance. If there are stairs to a location you are going, try those instead of an elevator!  If you are struggling with sleep, ask your medical provider for suggestions or try changing your night time routine and try putting the phone down at least 1 hour before bed.

Check out your local community center or Parks and Rec Center. Often times they will have opportunities for classes such as dance, art and even sports.  Learn something new for yourself professionally or for your own self enrichment.

Stay connected and dial up loved ones. When you are feeling down or stressed, share with a friend. Research has reported that when we can talk about our ‘stuff’ to others it can help you be more emotionally aware and clears your mind. It  can provide opportunities for our loved ones to offer their support and it can be very healing for you.

There a a million right ways to engage in self care. Here at Conklin Clinics, allow us to help you discover the many ways to give yourself a little bit of self care through our Integrated Health, Psychiatry and Counseling, and of course our Aesthetics services.

For more resources or ideas on different self care ideas check into the following links below: