Need A Little Help From My Friends!

Most of us can recall a difficult time we have had in our lives. Did you wonder if it would ever get better, or wonder if you would be ok? What did you do to help yourself get through it?  Having a healthy support system in place will by far, help you get through whatever difficult situation you have. It won’t necessarily fix the issue but having the support will help.

Just what is a support system you ask? Well, it can be made up of people and activities that are healthy for you. Some of those people could be family members who you connect with, or friends and even co-workers. Support systems are like soft pillows that if you fall you have a safe landing. They are helpful in seeing other perspectives about your difficult situation that maybe you could not. Support systems can be your cheerleaders when you are not your biggest fan. Support systems can include activities that you do that help promote self worth or confidence.  You may have healthy hobbies that you do to help keep you busy and even change your focus.  Having a support system is not always about how big it is but rather the quality of your support. If we don’t have a support system it can create more complications with our mental health.

Are you having a hard time identifying your people support? According to Ultimate Medical Academy, they have a few questions to consider when identifying the support.

  • How do you feel when you talk to this person?
  • Do they take your feelings and needs into account?
  • Is the advice they give based on your well being?
  • Do they tell you the truths when you need to hear them?
  • Do they celebrate your triumphs with you?
  • Have they opened possibilities for you that you didn’t realize?

Remember to ask yourself these about family, friends and even co-workers. It’ ok if they aren’t perfect, most of us are not. Your support system are people and activities that you will want to grow with they are your truth tellers and cheerleaders. There is always a higher chance of making it through our difficult times when we have that healthy support system. If you need ideas and additional guidance, check out these links for more. As always, remember that all of us at Conklin Clinics are here to help you.