Beauty Home Improvements!

Hi everyone, Jes here!

The past few weeks have been a stressful time for all of us. I myself have been struggling with mom guilt, (as my son is confidently teaching himself the 6th grade at home), work stress (do we close now or later), trying to stay healthy (rocking a mask and hand washing is now my superpower), keeping our clients safe, etc…the list goes on. I can imagine you are all feeling this stress in some way or another. SO, to bring our energy away from all that for a bit, here are a few beauty maintenance ideas that have helped shift my focus since being grounded at home.

We have all been guilty at some point or another of over plucking our eyebrows. The 90’s were a weird time for brows (the whole pencil line brow…you know the one). If that is still your jam, good on ya. But if it’s not, now is as good a time as any to grow your brows back in. With social distancing, no one is that close to notice, and you can get a fresh start on those natural brows that are so in!

Hair is also one of those things that enjoys a break occasionally. Let those locks breath. You’re not going anywhere right now so try to resist the urge to wash, blow dry, straighten or curl your hair for a few days.  It allows your natural oils to do their thing and helps the overall health of your hair.

Same goes for your makeup routine. Giving the skin a rest from makeup all together can, in a sense, reset the skin. So, when you’re ready to be out among the masses your skin will be ready to rock that full face of makeup with gusto! I must mention that keeping up with your skincare routine during lock down days is still very important, so don’t skip that part.

Last, but not least, catch up on that sleep you’ve been missing. When you are up and moving around, make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating nutritious food. And finally, enjoy the luxury that is athleisure! Save those tight jeans and high heels for when you make your debut back into society!

Stay healthy and keep your head up. We are all in this together and this TOO shall pass!


Let me introduce myself..

My name is Jes!  I work here in at Conklin Clinic’s as a Glo Skin Beauty Expert and lover of all things makeup and beauty!  I have had the pleasure of being trained by some amazing makeup artists and cosmetologists and am so excited to share all the information that I have learned in hopes that your beauty routine becomes as full of life as mine! Looking forward to keeping in touch with you all on here!




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